Have some domains to sell? Here’s a fast & easy way to do it!
The WordPress version of our popular PHP script “This Domain is For Sale” can help you receive offers for your domain names directly from visitors instead of using a domain marketplace!

Top reasons why you should buy this product!

Handle tons of domains in 1 WordPress!
Works with any theme!
Per-domain & global configuration!
Supports fixed price sales!
Multiple currencies supported!
On-the-fly currency conversion!
Filter tables by date, domain extension, etc
Mark domains as “sold” with a click
Detailed statistics
Set starting price (Optional)
Limited time bidding (Optional)
Affiliate links!
Strong spam protection
IDN support (UTF8 domains)
E-mail & IP address blacklist
Optional comments
Receive offers via email
List all your other domains
Export data to CSV
WP Coding Standards compliant
Commented code
Long-term support!
And really much more…

Download the free theme

When we released the v1 of this plugin, almost everybody asked us for the theme we have used in the live preview! :) so we decided to create a theme for the new version, which you can download from here.

Needless to say, the theme does not include any plugin! and you still have to buy the plugin ;)

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Change log

  • Version 2.1

    • CAPTCHA bug fixed (Jan 3rd update)
    • domain token added to the description option (Jan 3rd update)
    • Toolbar menu
    • WYSIWYG editor for the description setting
    • Domain name token
    • Several improvements and bug fixes
  • Version 2.0

    • Totally revamped! lots of new features added!
    • Added Statistics & Domains pages
    • Domain-specific configuration
    • Affiliates links
    • Fixed price support
    • On-the-fly currency conversion
    • A free theme
  • Version 1.5

    • Bidding end date
    • Displaying highest offer
    • Other domains list