An easy to use schedule for your fitness classes.
Create weekly timetables with major workouts as Les Mills body Attack, Pump, Grit, Crossfit and zumba

– Easy to use

tired to upload jpg scans of your schedules who doesn’t fit well on small screens ?

With Fitness schedule create beautiful and customized schedules for your WordPress website and display them wherever you want with a simple shortcode
Works with every themes and page builders.

– Natively responsive

Schedules are natively responsive and will display in an elegant way which fits any screens: Desktop, tablet and smartphone.

– Customize

Customize the colors and sizes, days of the week and start/finish hours with ease.
Directly see the changes with the live preview.
Developers can also customize CSS.

– Add your own workout and coachs

Fitness Schedule comes with 13 majors workouts classes but you can add your own.
Also add your coachs and assign them to workouts.

– with Performances in mind

The plugin is very lightweight and only loads the minimum css/js when needed.